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The 8th Chakra - The Gateway Chakra

The chakras are energy centers that are also emotional indicators. Through awareness of these centers we can learn to recognize patterns in the body and patterns of thought, from the unconscious to the conscious.

Chakras aren’t really open or closed, it’s just a way of talking about them. They don’t need to be fixed. Think of them like the fuel gauge on your car. They are indicators. When your fuel gauge reads “low” you don’t say, “I’m going to have to fix that gauge because it’s too low.” You instead go to your “Source” and allow your “tank” to be refilled.

The 8th chakra is what I’ve called a “gateway”. When channelers (or any of us) open up to the Higher Self and Spirit Guides, these Guides enter through the area at the base of the skull/top of the spine. The 3rd Eye and the Crown then can more fully open. It is a non-verbal, non-intellectual center. 

It becomes “open” not by anything that you DO. It has more to do with allowing. The feeling state is important in that the closer your vibration is to total well-being, freedom, and joy, the more open that center will be. If you think about the 8th Chakra and focus on it to try and open it, the intellect will interfere. There is an irony here in that the less you focus upon it and the more you accept where you are, the more available you are to the energetic wisdom of your Inner Guides flowing more easily through you.

To get the greatest benefit from the Channeled Chakra Balancing Music

Let go of the intellect – anything you know about chakras, music, and emotions. Allow yourself to experience it as an energetic event. In other words, turn it on and don’t think about it. “I open to what the Universe is yielding to me.” Notice how you feel. If you are able to listen on a full range speaker system, turn the volume up so that you can feel the sounds in your body without it being too loud. The energy of Chakra Balancing will come through no matter how you listen to it or what kind of speakers or headphones you use. May it serve you well!