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Music Channeling


A soundtrack created just for you


Would you like to have your own Spirit Guides communicate to you personally through sound and music?

Would you like to feel the vibrations of your invisible helpers as you meditate or even when you travel to work?

 Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to actually feel your guides and angels inviting your vibration into balance and harmony with your Inner Wholeness.

 Kevin is a master of sound, multi-instrumentalist, composer, recording engineer, healer, teacher, guide, and gifted intuitive. He uses sound to create a mandala for your vibration showing you the pathway home. 

What you get

Kevin channels your Spirit Guides, records, and produces personalized music for you and delivers it to you online in Mp3 format.

You send Kevin

 2 photos – one head shot and one full body shot

A topic or issue you’d like a response to

The instrument you’d like featured (if any) (see list)

The process

 “I will be tuning in to you and opening to (channeling) vibrations your spirit guides wish to share with you. I won’t be “composing” in the usual sense. I don’t know how long the piece will be nor what musical form it will take. It could be in almost any musical style or simply sounds and tones. I will not know what it means but I trust that the message your guides have for you will be encoded in the sounds. When you simply experience the sounds by “deep listening” – being present without analyzing, and by noticing how you feel – you will receive the most benefit. Then your vibration will find its own balance with no resistance. I look forward to being in harmony with you.”


Email for pricing on this special offer to commission music specifically for you