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Music is Energy

Music as an Energetic Experience


As I’ve been channeling music for those who’ve requested it, I’ve thought of some things that might help you experience the energy of Spirit in music. 

When most of us hear music there are elements of it that we hear more than others. There are some things we are not aware of at all. In songs, some focus mainly on the words and couldn’t sing the melody back later. Others may hear what chords are being used and can pick out every instrument. Still others are more tuned in to the rhythms. You may be a combination of all of those. Music and sound have the ability to move us, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically. Something happens that is greater than the sum of the parts. What I am offering here is a way to experience the music and the sounds as an energetic event. In other words, a deeper listening, a meditation.  

In the Winter of 2007, I did an experiment in channeling music. (Here are the notes from my Channeled Chakra Balancing CD.)

“I awoke one morning with (Dr. Masaru Emoto's) “Hidden Messages in Water” on my mind. Spirit was telling me that I am the water and that I am a conduit through which Spirit brings soul-healing energy through the vibrations of sound and music. I called my dear friend and teacher William Rainen, a gifted clairvoyant and trance-medium, to share this with him. I knew that he was preparing for a trip to Tokyo to teach workshops and I suggested that I would be available for a group of people to meditate on a topic and send their thought and energy to me. William recommended that it be a small group, and that since I play many instruments, each person would choose one (from the list that I would supply) that they felt was representative for them. The instruments chosen were: Hand Drum, Piano/Keyboards, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Nylon String Guitar, and Tibetan Bowls. On November 30, 2007 at 7PM in Tokyo (2AM in California) this group and I meditated on the energy of chakra balancing for 30 minutes.

The energy I experienced and the light show under my closed eyelids was spectacular with a lot of ultra-violet blue light. 

My process was then to enter into trance and open to whatever came through without question. I would record the first thing I played and not rework it. So whatever melodies or chords that came through my hands I would accept them even if they didn’t make sense to me musically or sonically. I allowed the form of the music to manifest itself. It was a surrender, and when I finally listened to it after channeling, I marveled at the balance, and I'm still discovering "hidden messages". 

The people here who have heard it have given me interesting feedback. One woman said that when she played it, she could hardly bear to listen to the first two “chakras” but the following pieces were more in tune with what she was feeling at the time. She had her player on “repeat “ and she noticed that the first two pieces now felt great to her and she really liked them. Now she plays it every morning to balance her chakras before she starts her day. Others have all said they felt something shifting in their bodies, their emotions, and their attitudes.

When you listen to any music, try paying attention to your body and see what you notice as you allow the sound to wash over you. Are you attached to a particular element? Are you attached to the music being different than it is? Try at first not to identify or name those sounds. Imagine that the music is a ball of consciousness and place it on the different charkas and see what the response is. Or, imagine that the music is a small river that you are sitting in and you are allowing it to caress your whole body. Does the river change brightness or color? What do you notice about your breathing? Are feelings coming up that you’ve been avoiding? Do you feel uplifted?

Try experimenting with the music and sounds as pure energy. Perhaps you have images in your mind. Allow them to guide you. Perhaps you feel like moving, swaying, turning. Let sound be unfamiliar for a while and enjoy the energy.